Songs of Exile - Vol. 2, Credos & Convictions

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The new Naghash Ensemble CD is a feast of rhythm, energy and color. "Songs of Exile Volume II” combines the heart and soul of traditional Armenian music with new classical music and the unbridled energy of jazz and rock. Oud & dhol are the driving force of the ensemble along with zourna, dumbek and the bewitching voices of 3 of Armenia’s finest vocal soloists for music that is both traditional and contemporary.

Songs of Exile, Volume I

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"The sounds of ancient Armenia combine with the 21st century"
- Tigran Mansurian

"Songs of Exile is a stunning collection of new works by renowned Armenian/American composer John Hodian"-NAI

Based on texts by the medieval Armenian poet and priest, Mkrtich Nagash and set to new music by John Hodian, “Songs from Exile” is a profound meditation on man's relationship to God from the perspective of a monk forced to live in exile for many years.

East meets West and antiquity meets modernity in this hauntingly beautiful collection of ruminations, lamentations and incantations. The sound is earthy yet classical, identifiably Armenian but other-worldly. The texts while philosophical, were addressed to the common man of Nagash's time and are as relevant today as they were in the 1400's.

With five female vocalists along with some of Armenia’s finest instrumentalists on Duduk, Oud and Dhol, accompanied by a string quartet the ensemble creates music that is part folk, part classical and profoundly moving.

This CD comes with a beautiful book containing essays on Naghash the poet, the ensemble and texts of the poems in four languages (English, Armenian, German & French).

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Songs of Exile, Volume I & II

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The Double Pack - "Songs of Exile, Volume I & II"
Both CDs for only €35

Two Sets of Songs of Exile, Vol I & II

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Two copies of "Songs of Exile, Volume I & II (a total of 4 CDs with accompanying books) for only 60€

Three Sets of Songs of Exile, Vol I & II

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Christmas gifts for all your friends!

Three copies of "Songs of Exile, Volume I & II (a total of 6 CDs with accompanying books) for only 80€

The 11th Hour

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Hallelujah! It’s finally here! The first studio CD of all new material in 7 years and it’s been worth the wait.

Bet Williams CD “The 11th Hour” is the kind of music you can listen to again and again, hearing new sounds, new meaning in the words and new favorites amongst the eclectic collection of the album’s 15 songs. The music straddles rock, blues, pop and folk while Bet’s four octave voice soars above it all or whispers from below. The vocals have a natural and earthy sound as they deliver the conversational poetry that has become Bet’s trademark.

The opening track begins with what sounds like sheep on a hillside then launches into the rhythmically infectious “We Geography”, a song about traveling around the world complete with street sounds and various languages. Next is “Love Comes Knockin’”, a bluesy anthem that suggests surrender when love comes to the door. “Magnolia” is a haunting, uplifting song from the perspective of an Army brat struggling with what it means to have dad go off to war. “Moon River on the Hudson” is the album’s folky acoustic song about raising a child in New York City, while “Yeah Love”, the closest thing to a pop song Bet has ever written, also has a great message.

Producer John Hodian treats each song in different and interesting ways highlighting Williams’ voice with string quartet and horns on several pieces or banjo on another. The deft use of unusual loops and intricate soundscapes transport the music far from traditional singer-songwriter fare and it all hangs together in a deeply emotional way throughout it’s musical voyage.

Cover Hin Dagh
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The 11th Hour
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Cover Bet
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Cover Rose Tattoo
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Cover Live at the Point
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