Hin Dagh

20,00 €

Recorded in Armenia with an all-star cast of that country’s finest musicians playing Santur, Kamancha, Duduk, Zourna and a huge collection of exotic hand percussion. This extraordinary CD combines Ancient sacred mystical texts with world rhythms, bold vocal improvisations, haunting piano improvisations, and comes with a beautiful hardbound book featuring new artwork based on ancient iconography.

"I'm blown away by this CD. This music will easily appeal to fans of Joni Mitchell, Tori Amos and even Betty Carter, because of Bet's considerable four-octave range voice. Some of it evokes ancient chant and some of it is utterly reminiscent of contemporary composers like Steve Reich and Phillip Glass. There's also some world beat textures, but it's all held together by its beauty... its sheer beauty. - WAMC


  • -  Ashem
  • -  Charents I
  • -  Ararat (Arto’s Song)
  • -  Avvon d’Bishmaiya
  • -  Sarmad
  • -  Taliesin’s Dream
  • -  Havakveer
  • -  Nainam
  • -  Charents II
  • -  Postcards From Beulah
  • -  Ujamu Yangu
  • -  Thunder Perfect Mind