Rose Tattoo

15,00 €

Greetings from California! Bet goes into the studio with some top notch Los Angeles based talent and emerges with one of her best rock records ever.

Includes the unique and humorous "Welcome to My World" (a song about dancing naked in the yard) as well as the original version of the hit "Ooh La La". The soul stirring "Thunder and Stone" and heart wrenching title track "Rose Tattoo" are also included.


  • -  Welcome to My World
  • -  Mary
  • -  Ooh La La
  • -  Rose Tattoo
  • -  Blow a Little Smoke
  • -  California
  • -  Just Like You
  • -  Thunder and Stone
  • -  Walk Down the Road
  • -  Killed My Man
  • -  Water Under the Bridge