Songs of Exile - Vol. 2, Credos & Convictions

20,00 €

The new Naghash Ensemble CD is a feast of rhythm, energy and color. "Songs of Exile Volume II” combines the heart and soul of traditional Armenian music with new classical music and the unbridled energy of jazz and rock. Oud & dhol are the driving force of the ensemble along with zourna, dumbek and the bewitching voices of 3 of Armenia’s finest vocal soloists for music that is both traditional and contemporary.


  • -  Meditation on Greed and Poverty
  • -  If in This World by Sin You Wander
  • -  On the Vanity of This World
  • -  Futile Judgment
  • -  Passing is the Glory of This World
  • -  Ode to Weddings and Human Happiness