Songs of Exile, Volume I

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"The sounds of ancient Armenia combine with the 21st century"
- Tigran Mansurian

"Songs of Exile is a stunning collection of new works by renowned Armenian/American composer John Hodian"-NAI

Based on texts by the medieval Armenian poet and priest, Mkrtich Nagash and set to new music by John Hodian, “Songs from Exile” is a profound meditation on man's relationship to God from the perspective of a monk forced to live in exile for many years.

East meets West and antiquity meets modernity in this hauntingly beautiful collection of ruminations, lamentations and incantations. The sound is earthy yet classical, identifiably Armenian but other-worldly. The texts while philosophical, were addressed to the common man of Nagash's time and are as relevant today as they were in the 1400's.

With five female vocalists along with some of Armenia’s finest instrumentalists on Duduk, Oud and Dhol, accompanied by a string quartet the ensemble creates music that is part folk, part classical and profoundly moving.

This CD comes with a beautiful book containing essays on Naghash the poet, the ensemble and texts of the poems in four languages (English, Armenian, German & French).


  • -  1. Composed in exile
  • -  2. On Behalf of Ghareebs
  • -  3. Lamentations For Those Who Die is A Foreign Land
  • -  4. Prelude to Lamentations for The Dead
  • -  5. Lamentations For The Dead